25 Years of Promoting Art

Winchester (Massachusetts) Artists' Network (WAN) was founded in 1999 to establish a working forum for local artists in our community.

As an organization, and with the support of the Winchester Friends of Art, WAN promotes the increased presence of art in our community through exhibitions, education and excellence in the visual arts.

Establishing connections among artists, educators, businesses, and community services remains our main goal.

Our activities promoting these connections include:

WAN is supported by many individuals and groups, and receives funding from the Winchester Cultural Council, and other local groups.

History of www.winchesterartistsnetwork.org:

The Internet Archive's Wayback Machine has an image of the website from October 19, 2002 (the earliest one captured, not necessarily the first one created):

To find other historical snapshots, the timeline is where you can see the snapshots of the website as it evolved over time: