Henna for Humanity

Henna for Humanity

Artist Name(s) (L to R) : Vinaya Vijay (Henna Artist), Niyathi Srinivasan (Founder and Head Artist), Saadhana Vijay (Sub Artist and Website, Accounting, and Communications Manager)

Name: Henna for Humanity

Website: https://hennaforhumanity.org/

Email: humanity.henna@gmail.com

Here is some of our work:

Artistic Discipline: Multicultural Art

Artist’s Statement: Henna for Humanity, founded by Niyathi Srinivasan is an initiative that aims to raise money for humanitarian causes in India through Henna services. Although Henna is traditionally used to decorate a bride’s hands in intricate patterns in Hindu tradition, we felt that there could be so many more ways Henna could be used on a daily basis, as a temporary tattoo. Henna for Humanity keeps this ancient art form alive, accessible and affordable to everyone. In addition to spreading our culture, we also raise money for the AASAI Foundation, which helps children with developmental disabilities and women get the education they deserve in India. At all of our henna events, we are always encouraging donations for our cause. By spreading our culture, we are creating awareness of our traditions which we hope will make a positive impact on the world.